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Director of Communications

Paul Mylrea
01223 (7)65539

Executive Assistant
01223 (7)65014


Public Affairs

Stephen Davison
Head of Public Affairs
01223 (7)61674

Aaron Cohen-Gold (covering post for Maternity leave of Anne-Cecille Larribau-Smith )
Public Affairs Manager (local and regional affairs) 01223 (7)39206

Amy Trevethan
Policy Analyst 01223 (3)30306


Digital Communications

Barney Brown
Head of Digital Communications 01223 (7)66809

Lloyd Mann
Digital Communications Developer
01223 765541

Cédric Bousquet
Digital Communications Designer 01223 (3)39671

Suvi Roberts
Brand Officer
01223 (3)32430

Ashley Coidan
Digital Communications Manager (Alumni and Development) 01223 (3)0099

Eloise Hayes
Digital Communications Coordinator (Alumni and Development) 01223 (3)0240

Jonathan Settle
Communications Manager (Film and Multimedia)
01223 (7)60169

Nick Saffell
Communications Officer (Film and Digital Media)
01223 (7)60169

Mhairi Gowans
Digital Communications Assistant 01223 (3)39860

Alumni and Development Communications

Morven Knowles
Head of Alumni and Development Communications 01223 (7)60147

Matt Bilton
Designer 01223 (7)66119

Charis Goodyear
Alumni and Development Communications Assistant

01223 (3)30919

Internal Communications

Andrew Aldridge
Head of Internal Communications 
01223 (7)64981

Glynn Thomas
Internal Communications Officer

01223 (3)30279

Nadine Lewycky
School Communications Officer (Arts and Humanities)

01223 (3)39236

Brand Protection

Clare Dewhurst
Brand Protection Manager

01223 (7)61683

Public Engagement

Dr Lucinda Spokes
Public Engagement and Festival Co-ordinator (Science)
01223 (7)61818

Ariel Retik
Public Engagement and Festival Co-ordinator (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (covering post on secondment of Malavika Anderson) 
01223 (7)65490

Sue Long
Festivals and Outreach Co-ordinator (Communities and Schools)
01223 (3)30716

Alicia Lloyd (covering post on secondment of Ariel Retik)
Festivals Assistant
01223 (7)64930

Mandy Garner
Communications Officer
07789 106435


Tom Almeroth-Williams
Communications Manager (Education and Access) 01223 (7)66762

Tamsin Starr
Communications Manager (News) 01223 (3)32424

Paul Holland (Parental leave post covered by Sarah Collins)
Communications Manager (News) 01223 (3)32306

Ángel Gurría-Quintana
Communications Officer (International) 01224 (3)39209

Genieve Crump
Communications Assistant
01223 (3)32300

Research Communications

Craig Brierley
Head of Research Communications
Responsible for: School of Clinical Medicine, School of the Biological Sciences
01223 (7)66205

Stuart Roberts
Deputy Head of Research Communications – News
Responsible for: School of Arts and Humanities, Non-School Institutions
01223 (7)64982

Fred Lewsey
Communications Officer
Responsible for: School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, School of the Biological Sciences
01223 (7)65566

Sarah Collins (on secondment post covered by Paul Seagrove)
Communications Officer
Responsible for: School of Technology, School of the Physical Sciences
01223 (7)65542

Louise Walsh
Communications Manager – Features and Research Horizons
01223 (7)65443

Alex Buxton
Communications Officer, Research (Features)
01223 (7)61673

Business Operations

Claire O'Reilly
Business Operations Manager
01223 765954

Claire Harper
01223 339397

Alison Murfin
Finance Officer (Staff Bureau, Finance Division)
01223 339232



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