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James Helm

Director of Communications

Joanna Carruthers 

Executive Assistant to the Director

Andrew Aldridge

Head of Internal Communications/Deputy Director

Barney Brown

Head of Digital Communications/Deputy Director

Dr Matthew Norton

Head of Strategic Communications/Deputy Director

Anne-Cécile Larribau

Head of Public Affairs/Deputy Director (maternity leave) 


Head of News and Campaigns/Deputy Director



Contact the Media team  

Hilary Fletcher

Communications Manager – News  

Jessica Keating

Communications Manager – News +44 (0)7533 115249

Paul Seagrove

Communications Manager – Widening Participation and Access +44 (0)1223 766762

Stephen Bevan

Communications Manager – News +44 (0)1223 339209


Research Communications

Contact the Research Communications team
Craig Brierley Head of Research Communications
Responsible for: School of Clinical Medicine

Charis Goodyear

Communications Co-ordinator
Fred Lewsey Communications Manager (Research)
Responsible for: School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Jacqueline Garget Communications Manager (Research)
Responsible for: School of Biological Sciences
Louise Walsh

Communications Manager – Features

Sarah Collins Communications Manager (Research)
Responsible for: School of Technology, School of the Physical Sciences
Sarah Fell

Communications Manager – Business and Enterprise

Tom Almeroth-Williams Communications Manager (Research)
Responsible for: School of Arts and Humanities, Non-School Institutions


Brand and Trademark

Contact Brand and Trademark team

Andrea Ward

Head of Brand and Trademark

Emma Tyser

Brand Protection and Trademark Coordinator




Balvir Friers

Head of Design

Alison Fair

Communications Designer

Marco Constantinou

Communications Designer

Suvi Roberts

Communications Officer – Design and Editorial


Internal Communications

Contact the Internal Communications Team
Name Role

Hanna Weibye

Internal Communications Manager – Staff

Natalie Glasberg

Internal Communications Adviser – Staff


Internal Communications Manager – Finance

Pen McCarthy

Internal Communications Manager – Students and Education

Kate Waters

Internal Communications Lead – Change and Recovery

Chris Stanley

Internal Communications Lead – Finance

Jim Fallon

Internal Communications Adviser – Change and Recovery

Cordelia Brown

Internal Communications Adviser – Change and Recovery [on maternity leave]

Sarah Pratt

Internal Communications Manager – HR Transformation Programme


Office Operations


Claire Harper

Office Manager

Zoe Smith

Communications Coordinator


Public Affairs

Contact the Public Affairs team

Alistair Currie

Public Affairs Co-ordinator

Amy Trevethan

Acting Head of Public Affairs [maternity cover]
Public Affairs Manager – National Politics

Lawrence Morris

Public Affairs Manager – Local/Regional Politics


Public Engagement

 Contact the Public Engagement team

Dr Lucinda Spokes

Head of Public Engagement
David Cain

Public Engagement and Festival Manager – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Jenny Williams

Public Engagement and Festival Coordinator – Schools and Family

Mandy Garner

Communications Officer – Festival

Dr Selen Etingu-Breslaw

Public Engagement and Impact Manager

Beth Elliott

Community Engagement Manager
Dr Claudia Antolini

Public Engagement Manger


Social and Audiovisual Communications

Contact the Social and AV team

Amy Mollett

Head of Social and Audiovisual
Adam Page

Student Communications Co-ordinator

Ibrahim Rahman

Social Media Co-ordinator

Jonathan Settle

New Media Manager

Lloyd Mann

Communications Officer – Film and Digital Media
Nick Saffell

Communications Officer – Film and Digital Media

Sarah-Jean Ng

Social Media Manager


Web and Email Communications

Contact the Web and Email team
Ashley Coidan

Head of Web and Email Communications

Liam Morgan

Lifecycle Engagement Communications Specialist

William Kerslake

Web Content Manager


Contact us

To contact the Communications team, please email

For urgent and out-of-hours calls only, phone +44 (0)7879 116949.