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Our channels

We use a range of media and social media channels to talk about the work of the University of Cambridge, including press releases, YouTube and our research magazine Horizons.

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Working with the media

The External Affairs and Communications team can help you tell your story, through broadcast, direct, social and audiovisual channels. Our guide to working with the media will give you an idea of how to get your message across and what to expect when speaking to journalists.

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Commissioning work with the Social Media and AV Team

We’ve created an OEAC commission form to help improve our service to you. This commission form is your first step in the production process. We’re asking everyone who would like to work with the Audiovisual team on a project to complete this form. Films, photos and podcasts are a brilliant way to bring your messages and...

Latest news

Cambridge recognised for its leadership in knowledge exchange

27 September 2022

Cambridge’s leadership in knowledge exchange has been recognised in today's Knowledge Exchange Framework 2 (KEF2) results, published by Research England. Cambridge secured the highest performance scores in many areas of knowledge exchange, with very high engagement for intellectual property (IP) commercialisation, research...

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Nomination of candidate for Vice-Chancellor

26 September 2022

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Regius Professor of Divinity on his role as Queen's Scottish chaplain

20 September 2022

In these days of mourning, much has rightly been made of the length of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, its historic moments, and distinctive characteristics.

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To contact the Communications Office, please email For urgent enquiries or out of hours calls, please contact +44 (0)7879 116949.