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A camera operator at the University of Cambridge.

Our channels

We use a range of media and social media channels to talk about the work of the University of Cambridge.

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Working with the media

The External Affairs and Communications team can help you tell your story, through broadcast, direct, social and audiovisual channels. Our guide to working with the media will give you an idea of how to get your message across and what to expect when speaking to journalists.

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Commissioning work with the University's Social Media, Video and Photography Team

We’ve created a commissioning form to help improve our service to you. This commissioning form is your first step in the production process when working with External Affairs and Communications. We’re asking everyone who would like to work with the Video and Photography team on a project to complete one. Films, photos and...

Latest news

Training AI models to answer ‘what if?’ questions could improve medical treatments

19 April 2024

Machines can learn not only to make predictions, but to handle causal relationships. An international research team shows how this could make medical treatments safer, more efficient, and more personalised.

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Mess is best: disordered structure of battery-like devices improves performance

18 April 2024

The energy density of supercapacitors – battery-like devices that can charge in seconds or a few minutes – can be improved by increasing the ‘messiness’ of their internal structure.

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Steven Barrett appointed Regius Professor of Engineering

17 April 2024

An expert on the environmental impacts of aviation, Barrett joins the University of Cambridge from MIT.

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